The Stinking Rose

Sorry it’s taken me so long to write this next entry. My phone was stolen and dealing with the loss of so vital (and expensive) a device really sucks the wind from your sails. But never fear, Sarah Sexy Plants is back and is ready to tell you about her personally favorite kitchen ingredient: Garlic.
Garlic for yeast infection cure

One of the most widely known herbs, garlic (Allium sativum) has roots in almost every culture and cuisine. It has been used by humans for over 7,000 years and while it is native to central Asia, it spread quickly throughout the settled world becoming a staple spice from the ancient Egyptians to the Chinese and (of course) the Romans. However it has been used medicinally for just as long.

Ancient Asian herbalists used garlic to treat high blood pressure and a Egyptian medical text from 1550 b.c.e. lists garlic as the cure for over 22 problems (including headache, intestinal worms, and heart issues). In the more modern era, doctors included garlic as part of their house call kit to disinfect prevent disease and by 1900 Dr. T. Sydenham claimed it was a cure for smallpox. Perhaps we shouldn’t go that far, but modern science shows that there are some beneficial properties of the garlic bulb. In World War I and II garlic juice was applied to moss and used to dress soldiers’ wounds on the battlefield. The reason? It prevented gangrene from setting in. The reason is the smell.

The characteristic odor of garlic is present because of the compound allicin. However this compound also has antibiotic and antifunigal properties in addition to its smell. It has been shown to exhibit the equivalent action of 1% penicillin. I bet you didn’t know that was laying around your kitchen.

How does this all translate to sex? Well, vampires for one. No mythic creature has more sex appeal and garlic is a known enemy of the lusty immortals. You do know 50 Shades of Grey started out as Twilight fanfic, right? And in keeping with the keep away theme, there is a story in the American West that states if a young lady had a rather…obsessive boyfriend (or just boy) in her life she must bury a piece of garlic at a crossroads with two crossed pins pushed through the clove. Then when the boy walks over that spot he will no longer be interested in her. Sounds neat, although I have always had good luck getting rid of boys simply by eating the garlic.

But, all kidding aside, garlic supplements have been shown to increase testosterone levels in rats, which could in turn boost the sex drive in humans. And then there is the yeast infection debate…

Garlic, being such a potent antibacterial, has been passed down as a remedy for yeast infections. This probably works exactly the way you are picturing, but in case you are not let me fill you in. You take a clove of garlic. You peel off the paper. You put the naked, raw garlic clove in your vagina before bed and then you let it sit there all night while you attempt to sleep but can’t because you can ACTUALLY TASTE THE GARLIC even though it is no where near your mouth. And if you need a higher dose? You simply cut slits into the clove to enable more of the juice to escape as the night goes on. As you can see from the photo, some prefer to tie a string to the clove for easy cleanup.

(As an aside here are the doctors for the company that owns Monistat telling you that the only possibly remedy is to purchase a OTC pharmaceutical product. I don’t know that garlic is the best answer but this isn’t exactly unbiased information, either.)

So I have to ask my female readers. Have you ever tried the garlic cure? Would you try it? I never have myself, but I think it would be worth an experiment. Let me know in the comments below (and feel free to be anonymous if you prefer!)

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