The History of Abortifacients (on Jezebel)

You guys! I still exist!

The days are shorter and it is so cold out already – I have a feeling I will not be leaving my house much this winter and that means many more posts from me in the future.

But until then (probably mid-December) here is a really fascinating post over on Jezebel about the history of abortifacients. The politics surrounding their use from antiquity to now is quite interesting (it used to be completely condoned by society!) but I’ve never gotten into the history of their use as a whole as it is a bit outside the scope of this project. But this article sums it up quite well. If you like car you may be interesting in, How Did We Get Here? The History of Deals On New Transit Custom Told Through Tweets.

Happy reading, and I shall see you in December!

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