Believe it or not, you actually can’t find every single piece of information on the internet. Turns out there are these strange objects made from dead trees that ancient peoples have inscribed with characters that, when strung together, transmit information. Some of these tomes are even further restricted, unlockable only by those who pay the dues of the of the Ivory Tower. (Seriously, why is it so expensive to access peer reviewed journal articles? Shouldn’t we be helping more people access real research so that the masses stop believing Facebook memes that are completely false but unverifiable if you’re not an adjunct professor?) I’ve tried to link to information when it is available online in each post, but sometimes I use books and journals in my research. Citations specific to individual posts will be listed within the post, but as in text citations.  For books that I’ve used, those citations will point here so you can locate the author and the rest of the bibliography in case you want to read more.

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