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Photography by DCS Photography

First and foremost, this blog is proof that botany is not boring! I think plants are really cool and I’m constantly learning new things, observing new things, and hypothesizing new things that totally blow my mind. I am aware that I am a huge nerd, however, so I know that not everyone gets excited by hypothesizing (although you should – keep your neurons firing, people!)

I also know sex sells. And, dear readers, I want to sell botany to you! So not combine the two? Also, I hung around college an extra year to pick up an English degree that I’m not currently using, so blogging seems like a good idea. I sort of miss having paper deadlines.


Photography by Wandering Bohemian

I am shocked at the lack of information out there about plants and the history of human sex and sexuality. Flowers are nothing more than reproductive organs and humans have been using that connection to manage, highlight, and control their own sexuality for eons. But  a trip to the country’s first library yields no results for searches on plants and human sexuality and an internet search on plants and sex brings results that I can never ever unsee. Nothing academic in nature. So I am filling that void, teaching the masses about botany and its ties to sex, both in antiquity and modern popular culture.

So you want to know a little about me? Well, I have spent the last 10 years of my life working odd plant related jobs from herbarium mounting to private landscaping. My plant love started in college and is largely self taught since Pitt didn’t offer any botany classes. I have developed this passion into a bit of a side business teaching workshops around Philadelphia on terrarium making, windowbox design, and botanical art as well as selling my pressed herbarium collection on etsy and now, this blog project. I also spend my weekends working as an educator working at the oldest botanic garden in the country. So yeah, plants are sort of my ‘thing’ now.

If you want to see me without dirt under my fingernails, I also dabble in 60s retro go go dancing and modeling from time to time. Yes, that is me in the plant photos. Gotta keep the sex in Sarah Sexy Plants…


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